ayy what up fam

Hello, I'm Jocasta, an italian weeb who enjoys messing with computers, GNU/Linux and tech stuff in general. I'm currently working as a part-time meme designer, but I'm studying hard to become an anime gynecologist. I'm basically the lowest degenerate scum you can possibly come across on the internet.

'aight, enjoy your stay, peace.

↓↓↓ descent into degeneracy ↓↓↓

-> dotfiles /* some .configs from my GNU/Linux rice, most of this is outdated */

-> software /* I use to (not) be productive. Outdated as well. */

-> random /* bad original memes and random shit, mostly inside jokes */

-> read umineko /* short article where i shill umineko like the faggot i am, note that this only works on desktop, 16:9, .txt for mobilefags available here */

-> pettanko /* my degenerate startpage/newtab, featuring two flat sluts */

-> twitter /* recently revived */

-> chuu.me /* private file sharing service hosted by me */

-> muhanimulist /* 3x3 animu ~ mango ~ lewds */

-> useless youtube channel /* mostly inside jokes / siq music playlists */

-> twitch.tv /* may randomly stream osu!/stepmania/touhou/other weebshit, as soon as i figure out how to stream my camera to my PC */

-> rateyourmusic /* top western albums ~ top weeb albums ~ top OSTs */

-> myfigurecollection /* I occasionally buy weeb merch */

-> gopherspace /* proxy for pussies */

-> vidya: steam / osu! / battle.net > Giocasta#2147 (HS, WoW, OW)

hmu — jocasta@waifu.club

Some random photos because why not

↑↑↑ latest meme remix ↑↑↑

Background gif by kirokaze, pettanko bg by 稲荷.