Here's a list of the software i use, everything here is open source, unless stated otherwise.

<<< Arch and Gentoo PCs >>>

-> Terminal: st — Hands down the best terminal I've ever tried. It's source based (meaning that you configure it by compiling it with your desired settings/patches). It supports UTF-8, clipboard handling and images. Best part is that being a suckless program it's ultra minimalistic (5400~ LOC) and lightweight. I personally use Luke Smith's fork, with just a couple of minor edits here and there.

-> WM: i3-gaps — i3wm fork with more features, it's incredibly easy to rice (even without pywal) and gets the job done.

-> File manager: nnn — sanic fast file manager written in C. Does everything that you want it to do while being extremely resource-sensitive. I previously used ranger and pcmanfm, but compared to those nnn is a literal Speedy McSpeedington.

-> Music player: mpd + ncmpcpp — i literally started using these because they look cool, but they are actually quite comfy and make streaming music between my PCs pretty easy.

-> Video player: mpv — extremely customizable, supports basically every format you can think of and has a ton of extensions for all kinds of stuff (e.g. automatic subtitle search).

-> Image viewer: feh and sxiv — in particular i use sxiv for most stuff (it's extremely flexible and has tons of features), and feh just as a wallpapersetter.

-> Text editor: vim — probably the best text editor out there, supports dozens of plugins and allows you to customize every single shortcut/keypress to improve your workflow (also the syntax for the vimrc file is really simple to understand so you can start making macros right away).

-> Messaging: irssi — it just werks ecs dee

-> BitTorrent client: transmission — It has been my bittorrent client of choice for years and i'm not going to switch anytime soon, it works and it's very gentle on your memory.

Other KKool stuff:

pywal — creates a colorscheme for your system from a given image (wal -i ~/path/to/image.jpg).

dmenu — dynamic menu that allows you to launch everything with a couple keytaps.

telegram — nothing beats the satisfatcion of getting banned from a group for spamming weeb stickers.

qtchan — cozy 4ch browser, it's still a WIP, but it does its job well (might freeze a bit when up/downscaling text and images).

ahoviewer — booru browser, clean and intuitive, i use it on both windows and linux.

mupdf — lightweight .pdf, e-book and manga reader.

<<< Win7 machine >>>

Shitty desktop i leave on 24/7 to seed stuff/play vidya.

-> Visual style: +1 — pretty comfy, here's how it looks on my PC.

-> Video player: mpc-hc — lightweight, minimalistic and well usable without a mouse. You can also set a custom background :^)

-> Image viewer: JPEGview — relatively customizable, but very minimalistic, i picked it just because it fits my rice. Allows you to see EXIF data literally at the push of a button.

-> Music player: f2kclosed source, but still pretty good, can be riced to the extreme (like this).

-> Text editor: JOE — extremely lightweight, it's basically nano for Windows. Super comfy if paired with a CP437 font (i personally use Px437 IBM VGA8).

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